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Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is a calling that assists in the development of morally responsible self-disciplined citizens. The experiences that have helped shape the life of a coach has put coaches in a position to serve others through teaching in the game. The value of football serves a greater purpose when used as a platform to help our players productively function in the face of the challenges they experience daily in our society. Competitive sports gives our players the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to operate effectively within an interdependent team
  • Experience the impact their decisions have on their life and their surroundings
  • Learn the path and process of success
  • Learn how to respond productively to adversity
  • Develop sound character qualities
  • A coach’s joy is in witnessing the transformation in their players as they mature and progress through life. We influence the development of our players by setting high standards in athletic and academic performance, and behavioral practices. In our football program the values of respect, discipline, and work ethic are expected to be exercised on and off the field. We equip our players with the knowledge needed to map their own path and empower our players with the ability to take ownership in their own journey.

    ~ Dr. Robert Newcombe

    The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have
    ~ Vince Lombardi

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